• Date: 2013 – 2015.
  • Company owner: Brilliance Automotive.
  • Developed by Magna Steyr.
  • Customer: Brilliance Automotive and BMW.
  • Creators: Raúl Bartolomé Castro and many others.
  • Raúl’s contribution: resident project manager for E/E in Shenyang, China. Leading the communication between Magna Steyr Austria and Brilliance Auto China among many other duties.
  • Market: automotive.
  • Product category: complete vehicle engineering.

In this project Magna Steyr was in charge to engineer the vehicle Huasong 7 for Brilliance Auto. The task included all engineering aspects such as electrical/electronics (E/E) system and components, power train, chassis, interior, exterior, body in white and complete vehicle aspects such as NVH and others.

As a project manager for E/E, Raúl coordinated tasks and communication between Magna Steyr Austria, Brilliance Auto and BMW among many other duties. The E/E portion consisted in tenths of electronic modules, diverse electrical architectures, tier-1 suppliers from China and Europe, E/E testing and troubleshooting in China and Europe, program management communication and reporting.

The Huasong 7, launched on November 7, 2014, is a 7-seat MPV built by Brilliance Auto, a Chinese partner of BMW. It is powered by Chinese versions of BMW’s N20B20C engine (a turbo 2.0L). The first model in Brilliance’s Huasong line. The Huasong vehicles is based on existing minivan platforms from Jinbei, which is another sub-brand under the Brilliance Automotive umbrella.

Vehicle Characteristics

  • A very clean but very gray dashboard. Alu detailing for some excitement. Beige leather seats don’t go particularly well with gray leather armrest.
  • The Huasong 7 is a seven-seat MPV with a 2+2+3 configuration.
  • Exterior design certainly attractive.
  • Power comes from a ‘N20B20C’ 2.0 liter four-cylinder petrol engine sourced from BMW, partner in the Brilliance-BMW joint venture, making the Huasong 7 the first BMW-powered MPV ever. The engine is mated to a six-speed automatic and will be available with either 204hp or 242hp.
  • Size: 5005/1909/1935, wheelbase is 2990 and weight is 2030kg.
  • Rear lights very stylish. Large rear window.
Under hood with BMW Group Support
BMW N20B20C engine

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