• Date: 2004 – 2006.
  • Owner company: CreaSoft SL.
  • Developed by CreaSoft SL.
  • Clients: Valeo and Lear.
  • Authors: Raúl Bartolomé Castro and other engineers.
  • Contribution of Raúl: electronic engineer. Design of PCBAs, including schematics, layout, selection of components and hardware validation. Assembly software development for MCUs.
  • Market: electrical wiring.
  • Product category: embedded electronics.

CreaSoft company creates software and hardware for automotive wiring testing. In the following illustration we can see a photograph of part of the wiring of a vehicle.


As you can see the wiring is made up of a large number of cables with connectors at the ends. Wiring manufacturing companies such as Valeo or Lear design and assemble complex electrical wiring using connectors, terminals, electrical wire and other raw materials.

The final phase of cable manufacturing consists of checking it. It is at this time that CreaSoft products intervene. In the following illustrations we can see two test boards, note how the wiring connectors are connected to the test bench counter connectors. These elements are called counterpieces.

The objective of the project is the implementation of embedded electronic circuits in the counterpieces. These circuits have various functionalities. There are three the most important models, whose dimensions are 27 mm x 46 mm. All are designed around PIC-type microcontrollers. The most significant models are the following:

CMC V04: consists of the control of the basic counterpart maneuvers. That is, the control of the interlocking, the error led, the solenoid valve, the presence of the part, the mobile block and the part detection by micro or light barrier.

CMC V05: This circuit covers the basic operations of the CMC V04 with certain enhancements and serial communication. Serial communication is implemented through any INTE checkpoint. The circuit has a 64 kBy EEPROM memory, which can store any information, for example: a material list of the counterpart, a DXF drawing, data of the manufacturer of the counterpart, etc. This information is managed by a CreaSoft application.

CSETI V01: This circuit works in conjunction with a CMC. Its purpose is to check the tightness of the connectors. For this it has a pressure sensor, amplifiers, a comparator and the activation of an electro valve. Air is injected into the connection and if there is a loss of pressure it means that it is not watertight.

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