• Date: 2000.
  • Developed by Raúl Bartolomé Castro.

This software project is solving Julia’s set equation. The download includes the Windows application, the C ++ source code, and the Visual Studio project.

Fractal geometry is very present in nature, it defines the growth of many biological structures such as the lungs, neurons, the leaves of trees. A fractal is an object that attributes some of the following characteristics:

  • It is too irregular to be described by conventional geometry.
  • It has details on any scale of observation.
  • It presents self-similarity, for example its shape is similar at a distance or at close range.
  • It is defined by a recursive algorithm (program).

I made this introduction to discuss a program I made in 2000 solving the equation 0 = (Cx, Cy) + (x, y) ^ 2, which is a type of Julia’s mathematical set. At that time I tried not to understand the profound impact of fractal geometry on everything around us, it was more like learning a Visual C ++ programming language.

The following illustration shows the application menu that appears when you right-click on the application.

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