I recently was interviewed by Ferris Aitchison, Co-Founder of TECHNE. TECHNE is a talent sourcing company specialising in the automotive and semiconductor industry. I find particularly interesting, their strategy to bring the experience of experienced professionals to students and young professionals, so they are better informed to decide if the automotive and semiconductor sector is the right industry to target. I am pleased to help Ferris and his team with their objectives, it finds it a brilliant idea. I hope my experience, comments and advice may inspire many students to choose the automotive and mobility sector as their preferred industry.

The interview was very thorough and complete, we tackled many topics. We started with personal questions about my personality, passions, and hobbies. Then, we moved to my career story, discussing topics about my education, professional experience, and career progress. Next, we discussed some of my achievements and highlights. Afterwards, we talked about my learnings in academia and industry giving some advice to students. Finally, we ended up discussing the automotive megatrends of electrification, autonomous driving, car sharing and other exciting trends in the industry. There are two bits from the interview:

Ferris is a great interviewer with a refreshing and intelligent approach to talent sourcing. His interview was well structured, and his communication was clear and precise. During the interview previous communication, he was very professional and supportive. Overall, it was a pleasure to work with him.

If you are a student in high school or university, or you are starting the journey of your professional career. This podcast will bring my view, experience, and advice as a director of engineering with more than 20 years in the automotive, electronics and software developing all kinds of electrical/electronic and software products. I invite you to listen to the podcast.

You also can find the podcast in TECHNE´s website:

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