Interview of Raul Bartolome, director of engineering: advice to students and professionals

I recently was interviewed by Ferris Aitchison, Co-Founder of TECHNE. TECHNE is a talent sourcing company specialising in the automotive and semiconductor industry. I find particularly interesting, their strategy to bring the experience of experienced professionals to students and young professionals, so they are better informed to decide if the automotive and semiconductor sector is the right industry to target. I am pleased to help Ferris and his team with their objectives, it finds it a brilliant idea. I hope my experience, comments and advice may inspire many students to choose the automotive and mobility sector as their preferred industry.

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Algorithmic trading – the first year of Doctorate in Business Administration

I have successfully passed my first year of doctorate in business administration (DBA), so three more years to go. Looking backward, the experience has been rewarding, demanding, mentally stimulating but not absent of fears and existentialist crisis. My naive and candid view of algorithmic trading has grown tremendously, now I am aware of the academic research techniques that help me to understand the existing literature; I have defined and exercised the foundation of algorithmic trading, academically and practically; and I have started my first formal literature reviewing of my research interest. Curious about algorithmic trading?

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Starting a Doctorate in Business Administration

Once more I have started a new university degree, this time a DBA in the modality of executive DBA, part time, extramural. It is a four-year course, pinnacle of management education. The DBA is taught by the University of Bradford, Faculty of Management, Law and Social Sciences. They are already good old friends because I had my MBA in the same school. The DBA thesis will pivot around algorithmic trading strategies, the objective is to systematically analyse them and identify which ones are more suitable for different profiles of investors.

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If I were the Director of a Deutsche Bank Neighborhood Bank

The Deutsche Bank (DB) subsidiary is located in the Bogenhause neighborhood in Munich, Germany. Bogenhause is a residential neighborhood, located on the outskirts of Munich. As director of the subsidiary, you are aware of the number of challenges to which the bank is plunged and pay special attention to the specific aspects of the subsidiary.

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MBA Graduate

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Last February I submitted the last dissertation for my MBA at University of Bradford. Naturally it was the master thesis or Management Porject, a work that took me a solid year to accomplish. I'm specially proud of my last piece of work "VIX as Predictor Variable of Stock Market Returns", a culmination of my specialisation in finance.

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Elective MBA Modules

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Since my last post, I passed four new modules in my MBA: International Business Strategy: my first executive MBA module taught by Dr. Eva Alfoldi. Eva conveyed high performance lectures and brought a stunning performance, definitely my best learning experience. Project Management: my first module evaluated 100% by a conventional exam. This module gave me the chance to acquire the formal education of project management, that was perfectly complemented by my professional experience.

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Half MBA Program

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Already passed 1 year since I started my MBA at University of Bradford, UK. In other words, I ran half program. It is being an exciting journey, very demanding but with an extraordinary step forward in my formal education. I can feel how each passed module aggregates new management skills and changing my approach to management. Coming from engineering I was very reluctant of the value added of an MBA, however, module by module I've been changing my mind. Now I do not have any doubt that an MBA brings an inflexion point in management skills and competences.

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Cisium, Inc. My Own Company

The idea came at the end of 2008, when I reflected on the fact that many multinational companies are located in low-cost countries, normally underdeveloped, for product manufacturing and service support. The fact is that those multinational companies, such as HP, Lexmark, Lear, etc. They have a financial capacity large enough to locate impressive manufacturing and engineering complexes in inhospitable places. The attempt to extrapolate the same concept to medium and small companies was very complicated, numerous barriers such as financing, language, culture, etc. They made the strategy unfeasible.

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