Since my last post, I passed four new modules in my MBA:

International Business Strategy: my first executive MBA module taught by Dr. Eva Alfoldi. Eva conveyed high performance lectures and brought a stunning performance, definitely my best learning experience.

Project Management: my first module evaluated 100% by a conventional exam. This module gave me the chance to acquire the formal education of project management, that was perfectly complemented by my professional experience.

International Financial Management: in the pursuit of finance specialization, I took this elective module. So far the most demanding and challenging module, it required a conventional exam and a short essay coursework.

Mergers and Acquisitions: my second executive MBA module coursed during a summer block in Bradford. Dr. Yuliang Wu gave us a holistic view of the matter and we were lucky to have an insight lecture from CEO Paul Donovan.

The journey of the MBA is very demanding, and on top, distance learning modules require higher discipline and dedication. Anyway, I do not regret for a second my decision to engage this MBA program. Each module gives me the opportunity to reflect my learning experience and I can feel how my skills and competences are expanded day by day.

Now I am facing the final trench, three modules for the graduation. First, Corporate Finance that I am coursing right now. Next, Strategic Management, my last conventional modules. Finally, Management Project that I will write an MBA thesis with the title “Speculative Strategies with Derivatives Securities”, a hard-core finance project that will take me one year.

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