The idea came at the end of 2008, when I reflected on the fact that many multinational companies are located in low-cost countries, normally underdeveloped, for product manufacturing and service support. The fact is that those multinational companies, such as HP, Lexmark, Lear, etc. They have a financial capacity large enough to locate impressive manufacturing and engineering complexes in inhospitable places. The attempt to extrapolate the same concept to medium and small companies was very complicated, numerous barriers such as financing, language, culture, etc. They made the strategy unfeasible.

The headquarters of Cisium, as well as its operations, are located in Cebu, Philippines, one of the places characterized by a very low-cost specialized workforce. The Philippines has other competitive advantages such as English proficiency because it is an official language, a very pleasant and friendly character, a very interesting geographical location for business and so on.

Cisium aims to give small and medium enterprises a competitive advantage only available to large companies: to be able to develop products and services at low cost and without sacrificing excessively quality. Our goal is to work for small and medium-sized companies with an international character, open to such an interesting opportunity as Cisium offers.

Already in the beginning of 2009 I started to develop the Cisium website. Since that date, meetings with Luis were frequent and extensive. To finally set up the company at the beginning of June 2009. This period was a very stressful time, my work at the headquarters of Valls de Lear Corporation overlapped with the activities of Cisium caused me slight health problems that I mitigated them at the stroke of a gym.

Since my arrival in Cebu in mid-September, our startup has not been more satisfactory, since we started operations 4 weeks ago, we have already developed an electronic radio frequency product based on professors from the University of San Carlos and created the prototype of A smart bed for medical settings. In parallel we have developed two websites, an online jewelry store and a video tutorials website. Anyway, what work we do not lack.

Now, that I can take a break, I write in my abandoned blog, a nod to those Lear classmates to be aware of the real reasons for my Lear march. Also, to all my friends and acquaintances, I give you a brushstroke of my last vicissitudes.

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