• Date: 2012.
  • Owned and developed by Cisium, Inc.
  • Customers: general public.
  • Creators: Raúl Bartolomé Castro and others.
  • Raúl’s contribution: inventor, engineering manager and chief engineering. Additionally, firmware development and Java for Android coding.
  • Market: consumer electronics.
  • Product category: fashion.

This prototype, created by Cisium, Inc., consisted in the electrification and control with smartphone of a bag/purse made with side growing fiber optics.

The bag was done by the company LumiGram. They develop a very especial fabric made from fiber optics that grows beautifully in the dark thanks to a source of light. The bag had inside a small module with the batteries and a LED that provided the source of light. Cisium, Inc. developed a electronic module to replace the one from LimiGram.

The project consisted in two parts. Firstly, the bag and electronic module that granted functionalities such as RGB LED, Bluetooth communication, accelerometer, microphone, speaker, etc. All around NXP LPC1347 microcontroller and other peripherals.

Secondly, the development of a native application for android using Java. The application captured all the required functionalities to control the bag, it helped to confirm the proof of concept.

The prototype implemented some basic user functionalities, such as, changing the color of the bag, alarm on theft or lost, audio notification on messages, etc. but It could be expanded adding typical wearable functionalities like environment sensing or biological data acquisition.

Product Presentation

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