Cisium, Inc., Web Site Closing

It has been a very long journey for Cisium, Inc. web site. It started in 2007 and this year finally I shut it down.

I created the site using Joomla!, it overcome one mayor update in 2010. To use Joomla! as content management system has not been a pleasant job. In my experience Joomla! is slow and the administration is heavy. After many years using Joomla! in many web sites, I don’t think it will use it anymore.

In Cisium’s web site we had many good articles. I didn’t want to loose them, so I decided to transfer the information to this site, my personal web site done with WordPress. After doing some research of plugins and analysis of the content, I decided to do the migration manually.

Firstly, I “transferred” the projects and products to WordPress pages located in the projects top page. It was faster than expected and it was a good opportunity to review the content and refresh the writing style in some cases.

Secondly, I created a new page in business to capture Cisium, inc. as a company. It was pretty interesting exercise to remember the experience to create a company from scratch.

Now I’m looking forward for new business projects. I have high interest to integrate R programming language to WordPress. I will keep you posted.

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