The RoboRoach: Control a living insect from your smartphone! by Backyard Brains — Kickstarter.

Interesting project in Kick Starter about the biologic-electronics interaction. In this case a cockroach controlled with your iPhone.

Well it is not so complicated, but it is very exciting. A simple PCB with Bluetooth  LE (4.0 ready) module, I guess a TI CC2540, maybe from Bluegiga. Since it is BT LE, you can program any iOS device, and access to the hardware without paying the costly MFi homologation and authentication processor fees. BTW good news that Google stated that will support BT 4.0 natively, so soon available for Android I guess.

Of course you need some basic circuitry to implant the electrodes, it is using 3, ground locate in the neck of the cockroach and one in each cockroach antenna.

The system allows to control only the basic movement of the cockroach, go right, left and stop. However, it is just the beginning. We could integrated in the PCB a mini camera, or temperature sensors, etc… your own army of cockroaches… imagine if they communicate between them.

Honestly I don’t have the stomachs to make the surgery, it is kind of disgusting! But what can I said, some cultures eat cockroaches, bogs, etc. it is just a moral barrier. The British guy would said I’m a monster because I like roasted rabbit with all i oli.

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The RoboRoach is the world’s first commercially available cyborg!

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