A company that grows thanks to marketing orientation can be considered a marketing successful history. Figure 1 shows a revenue increase of 2850% in the last 12 years and Figure 2 shows a stock price increase of 1328% in the last 10 years.

Apple Inc. company is customer concentric, creates values to his costumers by continuously analyzing and adapting its offer to customer’s needs (Baines & Fill, 2014, p. 8). This assay will show us evidences of such orientation, like Figure 7. Apple’s Perceptual Maps (chapter 2.4) or Figure 10. First heard about Apple (chapter 2.5.4).

Apple also is competitor oriented, develops and understands the strengths and weakness of its competitors and re-position its offer accordingly (Baines & Fill, 2014, p. 8). This paper will show evidences of such behavior in Figure 4. Porter’s 5 Forces (chapter 2.2.2) and competitor analysis with SWOT (chapter 2.3).

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