• Date: 2020.
  • Developed by Raúl Bartolomé Castro.
  • Product category: website and quantitative finance.

This is an example of financial data acquisition and its representation. The user selects one symbol from the list box and the financial data is updated automatically in the chart. The data rage is completely functional however the search for symbol is not operational.

The core of the application is done with R programming language. To make the program integrable in WordPress two steps are followed. Firstly, the application is developed as Shiny app from Rstudio. Shiny apps are made with R and provide the environment for any kind of inputs like text boxes, list boxes, buttons, etc. and outputs like charts of different kind. The front end of Shiny apps are created in HTML. In this example the Shiny app is hosted in a server from Rstudio.

Secondly, it is necessary to bridge the Shiny app with WordPress. This is achieved with an iFrame in WordPress to let the user interact the Shiny app without leaving the WordPress website.

Running Shiny apps requires certain maintenance, in particular it is necessary to keep up to date the R libraries. I was not doing that and eventually the Shiny app stoped to work, so I have decided just to show a screenshot of the app. In case you have interest to explore the functionality of the app, I recommend you to download the code and run it in Rstudio.

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