Two days ago I was talking with a psychologist and she mentioned that the room was full of sadness. I asked her if she could sense it and If I was the source of the sadness, she said that she believes that can sense the energy around her and that maybe is was me the source of that energy.

I told her that few years ago I did not believe that people that can sense energy around them, that my interpretation of the universe was very mechanistic. However around one year ago some special events had a profound impact in my interpretation of the universe and the role of the human being on it. I explained to the psychologist the next story:

A set of events brought two people to a crossroads, a very important person to me, now my girlfriend and fiancee. She has many qualities, and one that took my attention is her ability to sense the “energy” of places and people that surrounds her. At the beginning I attributed these skills to an extraordinary emotional intelligence and skilled mirror neurons. However I was skeptical to believe that she or anyone was able to sense the energy around them.

I do not remember how came to my attention the video “New Experiments Show Consciousness Affects Matter” by Dean Radin, PhD from Institute of Noetic Sciences. I really recommend to spend some quality time watching it:

For me previous video was an inflection point of the interpretation of human being in the universe. It claims with many scientific evidences that the consciousness affects the physical world.

The experiment studies the impact of consciousness from meditators people, no- meditators people and algorithms running in Linux to the power distribution in a double-slit experiment.

The double-slit experiment is a classic demonstration that light presents the duality of wave and particles (Wikipedia, 2019). When the laser bean pass thought the double-slit, it produces an interference pattern on a screen. This experiment helps to postulate the principles of the Copenhagen interpretation that is an expression of the meaning of quantum mechanics (Wikipedia, 2019). I suspect that this experiment is affected by consciousness because it falls under quantum mechanic; the mind-matter interaction is not observed in classical physics.

In short, the experiment conducted by Dean Radin, PhD and many other researchers, concludes with a very high statistical significance (5 to 6 sigma) that consciousness alters the power distribution of the interference pattern on the screen. This is a clear evidence that the mind can affect the matter that surrounds it. From the video of Dean Radin, PhD, two models that helps to understand the implication:

The reductive materialism falls under the classic interpretation of the universe. The foundation of everything is physics, followed by chemistry, biology, phycology and ends with consciousness.

The idealism model puts consciousness as foundation of the universe, where consciousness interacts with physics in the most fundamental way, at subatomic level. Obviously the models are an oversimplification of the universe, but they help in a simplified way to understand the implication of the experiment.

And this is the story I explained to the psychologist, that’s why this time I believed her that she might be able to sense the energy in the room.

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  1. Svetlana Vorontsova

    It’s very nice article, thank you I remember our long chats about this topic 🙂 As psychologist I can add that this “phenomenon” to sense energy around and specialty during psychological session named empathic response.

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