• Title: European Financial Advisor
  • Program: EFPA European Financial Advisor ® (EQF 5)
  • Year: 2022
  • Association: European Financial Planning Association
  • Location: Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain
  • Associate number: 37087


Full (comprehensive) practice of financial advice. Refers to professionals who offer a rigorous service of assessing clients needs and developing financial solutions, particularly concerning investments at portfolio level, but also including basic insurance/retirement /credit/financing solutions. The educational program should be covered in a minimum of 20 classroom days or 160 tuition hours (or equivalent).

Certifies the professional suitability to exercise advisory, management and financial advisory tasks to individuals in personal or private banking, financial services oriented to the individual client and any banking, insurance or independent professional function, which implies the offer of an integrated wealth advisory service and financial.

Modules taken

Economic environment2
Financial markets1
Investment products6
Assessing clients needs and developing a financial solution2
Portfolio construction and selection according to client needs3
Insurance products for advice1.5
Investment products for retirement advice1.0
Real state investment0.5
Credit for personal finance1.0
Regulation, tax and ethics2.0