Windows, HP, Android, Samsung Galaxy are Garbage; Apple is the Savior

I have been a devote Windows user, I can say that from the very beginning, let me state the Windows OS that I remember being using:

  • MS-DOS. Ho yes! not bad. Do you remember the version 7 and 8?. A light fast OS. Personally I was enjoying. I remember I was using 3 or 4 diskettes. You could use any crappy refurbish computer that you were able to run it.
  • Windows 3.11. OK kind of windows system, but ahead of Macintosh.
  • Windows 95. Ho la la! Here we have a awesome Windows operation system, and the best is coming soon…
  • Windows 98. Hey! Microsoft has improve Windows 95
  • Windows XP. Yes, this is a great operation system. Fast, simple. But time to time the blue error screen. This is the version is used for years. Available in 32 and 64 bits
  • Windows Vista. My feeling was: just format and install Windows XP. It is was I did with my HP laptop that was coming with original Widows Vista.
  • Windows 7. Yes, Microsoft is back! Light, fast, reliable. The Best Windows OS
  • Windows 8. Ho no! I hate Windows 8. What the fuck is this Metro UI, all the time switching from Desktop to metro UI. Nevertheless Windows 8 was coming with my new HP laptop, apparently a beast with Intel core i7, latest Nvidia a lot of RAM and hard disk. I thought, calm down, windows 8.1 is coming and all you problems will be solve.
  • Windows 8.1. No way, the same shit, but at least when you press for second time the windows button goes back to desktop UI.

Look, I’m not anymore a hardcore computer user. I don’t use anymore engineering program like OrCAD or ProEngineer, I only use internet, emails, multimedia, music, movies, pictures, etc.

My new statement is clear, no more Windows, it is over, I will embrace Apple world. Yes, I don’t give a shit for the hardware and software any more, I don’t want to spend time with the technology (by a Electronic Engineer). Some points:

  • I don’t care your stupid Windows updates, don’t bother me
  • Hey Oracle with you fucking Java!, make the stupid update and don’t ask me anymore. This is the worst.
  • Hey Windows! stops making me crazy with your Desktop/Metro UI, I am not married with you, I don’t meed to suffer your menstruation.
  • Yes I want to make back up, but easy, why is so confuse with Windows, so many program, so many questions. Ha! and not included in Windows 8, depends of the OEM: nobody understands that!!!
  • Ho yes, I did bit locker with my hard drives, and now with windows 8.1 not professional I need to put the password all the time. Thank you Windows!
  • Why my computer is getting slower and slower…. Yes I know, it is a rhetoric question, I am very experience IT guy… however why it is not happening in Mac?

As mention, next time it will be a Mac either Mac Air or Mac Book Pro.

Wait, I haven’t finished, not is the turn of Android. OMG what the super shit!

Let me list the Android devices I purchased:

  • Samsung Cheap Smartphone. No comments, extremely slow. I thought it might be because is cheap.
  • Samsung mid range Smartphone. It was acceptable until it was updated to Android 4. something, since there slow like a turtle.
  • Samsung Galaxy note 3. The most expensive Samsung in the market, it is more expensive than a Apple iPhone 5S. Seriously! it is garbage. The frustration has been maximum. The software is very buggy. The most annoy was that I was not able to unlock when I installed the account of Microsoft exchange (or something, they keep changing the name) form my company and using the device in roaming. Ho! what the casualty now I´m talking about Microsoft again.

I did 3 mistakes buying 3 Samsung Galaxy Shit in a row… I was so happy with my Nokia’s… From the other hand I have a iPad 2, and still rock solid, I was strangling with the latest OS update but Apple did some minor updates and it is back to track.

And of course my next phone is a iPhone, not anymore Samsung trash.

I hope my personal decision can help you to choose the right technology for your life. Something stable, simple and user oriented.


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