Cisium, Inc., Web Site Closing

It has been a very long journey for Cisium, Inc. web site. It started in 2007 and this year finally I shut it down. I created the site using Joomla!, it overcome one mayor update in 2010. To use Joomla! as content management system has not been a pleasant job. In my experience Joomla! is slow and the administration is heavy. After many years using Joomla! in many web sites, I don't think it will use it anymore. In Cisium's web site we had many good articles. I didn't want to loose them, so I decided to transfer the information…

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Cisium, Inc.

CISIUM Provides an extended palette of Electric, Electronic and Software development services, offering complete solutions for electronic products and electronic development, software development for PC and web applications, design and implementation of industrial automation infrastructures and integration of electronic instrumentation.

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CISIUM Now Is Joomla! 3.4

We are glad to announce that CISIUM website has been upgrade to the latest web technology.For this new version we have used the latest Joomla! 3.4. The release introduces new features into the CMS such as improved front end module editing, decoupling of weblinks, composer integration, Google new reCaptcha and security improvements by implementing UploadShield code which can detect most malicious uploads by examining their filenames and file contents.

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Smart Bag – Android Application and Firmware Development

For our prototype we decided to use a bag made of a special fabric made of ultra-thin optical fibers. Apparel fitted with sensor detecting, recording analyzing physiological data from the wearer, environment and smart phones and on the other hand actuating based on those data, opens opportunities for many professional and leisure applications.

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¿Hogar Dulce Hogar?

Bueno, eso espero, finalmente me he decidido y ayer compré los billetes para ir de Cebú a Barcelona y viceversa… Será del 29 de Julio al 14 de Agosto… Ya habrán sido 3 años que no piso España, que es también el tiempo de vida de mi empresa Cisium, Inc. Pues que puedo decir, lo típico, con muchas ganas de visitar a la familia, especialmente a mi madre y a los amigos…. Espero que el sentimiento sea de alegría en lugar de joder ha vuelto el pasta este.

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Manila y sus Despreciables Taxistas

Venga que hoy me siento un poco inspirado para escribir en mi blog.

La semana pasado asistí en Manila al PSECE 2010 (PHILIPPINE SEMICONDUCTOR AND ELECTRONICS CONVENTION AND EXHIBITION) con mi socio Luis Martínez, con la intención de promocionar mi empresa CISIUM y conocer nuevas tecnologías de la industrial.

El PSECE en términos generales estuvo bien, fundamentalmente relevante para electrónica a nivel de componentes electrónicos, como sistema de test, proveedores de semiconductores, también muchísimas tradings, y finalmente mucha tecnología de panelease solares.

Fomentamos una relación bidireccional en muchos de los stands, ellos nos ofrecían sus productos y nosotros contactábamos con nuestros servicios de ingeniería. Quien sabe, aparezcan nuevas oportunidades de negocio.

Mi significativo de Manila son los Taxistas, te intentan engañar el 100% de ellos, por lo tanto, atención para cualquier visitante en Manila. Algunas de sus técnicas son: (more…)

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PCBA for Lens Polishing Machine Haruchika HP-043

The scope of this project is an obsolete industrial machine without manufacturer support. The system automation was implemented with a full custom board, using discrete electronic components in an analog and digital electric nature. The target was to fix the machines, replacing the damaged boards with a new control system. During the systematic analysis of the machine and solution cases, we decided to reject the utilization of standard PLC due to the reduce space for the location of the components, also we disregard the possibility to make a pure reverse engineering (just copying the PCB) because it was based on obsoletes components with difficult access to market, finally we decided to create a new PCB from scratch using the latest sate of the art technology, but implementing the same behavior than the original board.

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Generic Embedded Platform

Dear all,

This is Raul Bartome, founder, owner and engineering manager at Cisium Incorporated. We are specialized in the development of electronic products.

The next explanation is from the goal to create a generic embedded framework with the next key points

  • Taking advantage of the open source community
  • To be online of the trend market
  • Fast time to market
  • Low cost engineering development
  • Low cost finish product
  • Easy portability of the framework to specific products


Obviously the heat of the system is the MCU/CPU. My approach was to find out a balance between the cheapest, most powerful, and higher trend MCU in the market. Without any doubt the winner is the AMR, many manufacturers have adopted these cores: TI, Samsung, nVidia, Intel, Atmel, NXP, Freescale, a never ending list. For a system designer like Cisium this provides a big advantage, this allows to switch between manufacturers with similar cores with a great reutilization of the knowhow.

The ARM architecture for our scope of embedded development is better positioned than MIPS, PPC, x86, AVR32, PIC32, etc. Just as reference, a NXP 1114 based on the ARM Cortex M0 can be purchase for 1 USD! (more…)

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Software Development for a Communication Gateway

This is a communication gateway that collects information from various devices interface and sends it to a data collector web server for processing and visualisation. This specific variant is build to gather information from devices with RS232, but is easy to expand USB and ATA/IDE ports. This module can be used in areas where it is needed to collect data from external peripherals (e.g. measurement equipment, sensor) and to provide it to Ethernet server for further processing. Each device has a unique identifier for identification.

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Coding and Revision of the Attributes of 6000 Electronic Part Numbers

In the scope of the single activities related to electronic hardware engineering support, CISIUM has perform the review of an electronic component data base of more than 6000 part numbers. The database belongs to one of the biggest companies in the automotive sector. The review, supervise, wrap up in term of electronic attributes and datasheets, have been done closely with the top electronic components specialist of the company and has been reporting the progress to the top management and responsible of the activity.

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Mid Range RFID System – Base Station and RFID Badge

This is a customize solution for a mid range RFID. The purpose of this product is to detect and record automatically the attendance of field staff. For example it good be used construction workers in a construction area , home nurses add patient site, or field staff visiting any other customer site. The system consistent of a control unit mounted in the field and ID units that are worn by the field staff. Each ID unit has a unique Identifier. The system uses a proprietary protocol and registers ID, IN and OUT timestamp of the field personal and passes the information to the internet to a data collector server for further processing.

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